Alive and Well in Fiji.

First things first: I am not an eloquent writer. How I describe the things I experience and the people I meet does no justice to the actual life I am living. BUT I hope that I will be able to do share with you my Fiji experience the absolute best I can.

Second things second: I apologize. The wifi situation and the fact that my computer gave up the ghost the first week here, I haven’t been able to keep this blog updated at all.

I just realized something. This is how I start every single one of my journal entries. Moving on!

In similar fashion to my journal entries, I’ll be playing catch up. First, I’ll write about my experience coming to this ridiculously beautiful and ridiculously hot country. Second, I’ll tell you all about our projects and what I’ve been up to. Third, I’ll fill you in on a little bump in the road — Cyclone Winston.

It’s been a grand adventure and I’m excited to fill you in!

Loloma (Fijian for ‘With Lots of Love’),



Hello! Chelsea here.

Welcome to my blog. I’ve never done this before…so bear with me. In February, I’m headed to Savusavu, Fiji with Help International to do some good. I’ll be working with the people to help reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. I’m stoked to be able to work with people one-on-one with their health — something I feel so very passionate about. I want to help improve the quality of life for everyone I meet and for some, we gotta start with their health.

So where is Savusavu, Fiji? Let’s start with the bigger picture:


Let’s hone it down a little bit.


And now for the city, Savusavu!

Savusavu is on Vanua Lavu, a more rural island compared to Viti Lavu, it’s main-island counterpart.

So this is my next adventure! I’m counting down the days…now if I could only muster up the motivation to study for finals. Haha…oh dear.keep-calm-only-52-days-to-go-6







So check back often! Well, probably after the beginning of February. I’m excited to share my adventures!

Over and out,